KenTaur, 'the riders make for riders', are leading manufacturers of handmade saddles for dressage, show jumping, eventing, children and moreKenTaur are preservers of traditional styles and techniques; at the same time as being innovative and modern. They source superior materials from French and Italy to manufacture their saddles.

Kentaur Australia carries the largest range of KenTaur saddles in dressage and jumping in Australia. We import them from Europe where they are handmade by master saddlers and tested on site at Kentaur's own sports stables that are adjacent to their factory. This ensures that they receive immediate feedback on the quality and performance of each saddle.  

Kentaur Australia offer made-to-order saddle service to our valued customers. Most of the saddles feature a changeable gullet by an accredited saddle fitter, and we can alter details such as the length or projection of the saddle flaps, the leather type, the colour of the stitching, the colour of the fittings, and in some cases the choice in style of knee rolls. For more details about these options and purchasing a saddle in general, check out our Saddle FAQ page or simply contact us!